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We can’t get enough of these foulards that can be used in new and playful ways!

What we love the most about these silk scarves is that there’s a kind of fantasy about them, as you can create so many feminine variations on a look!

Explore our entire collection of silk panels and discover their infinite possibilities of using them all year-round as belts, neckties, bracelets, headbands, handbag handles and bag straps!

What’s more, use 2 of them and you’ll have yourself a halter top or a skirt!

Fabric Details: Silk Foulards

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Transparent, flowing fabrics emerge as the season`s definitive statement, evoking an ethereal elegance that`s both daring and demure!

Get in on the latest trend and design your own unique garment with this mesmerizing pattern! Ideal for flowy dresses, skirts or shirts and for shawls!

Fabric Details: Silk Chiffon Devore

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We are in the mood to stand out this season and mood-boosting silks will do the trick! We’ve got our eye on playful blocks of color, dream-like sceneries and whimsical vibrant patterns instantly capturing everyone’s eyes!

Think of colorful silk slip midi dresses, delicate maxi skirts, two-piece feminine pantsuits and lustrous long-sleeved tops!

Explore our entire collection of printed silks & dip a toe into a world of color by investing in an eye-catching fabric to design your F/W ensembles!

Fabric details: 100% Silk

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‘The criteria of beauty in ancient, then classical, Greece still hold true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women. It is really about the youth of the world in all its power and unpredictability.’ - Karl Lagerfeld

Fani Tsantili dressed in this ultra-stylish ensemble; crepe satin top paired with 100% viscose paisley skirt and Cycladic architecture serving as the perfect backdrop!

Fabric details:
Top: Crepe-Satin • Acetate – Viscose
Skirt: 100% Viscose

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We can’t think of a better way to welcome September and start working our way into our fall wardrobes than with this innately elegant, timeless and versatile pique fabric, which can be designed to serve any time of day, adding character and visual interest in the most stylish manner!

No other piece in your wardrobe will be as timeless as the one you choose to design with this fabric!

Available in three uniquely beautiful shades - beige, jeans, and olive green - it effortlessly captures elegance and sense of style!

Whether you choose to create a jacket, a dress or a skirt – it’s just what you need this season to design empowering and versatile garments!

Fabric details: Cotton/Silk/Polyester

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Now that’s a visual masterpiece we have fallen head over heels in love with!

It’s stunning gradient - that transitions from rich shades of purple to vibrant fuchsia, then to fiery orange and finally to mustard yellow - combined with the lustrous and smooth texture of silk, will illuminate your wardrobe and add a high-fashion flair to it!

A captivating display of colors that will stun those around you, whichever type of garment you choose to design!

A must-have for all of you bold fashionistas out there looking to make their fashion statement!

Fabric details: 100% Silk

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My oh my!

Follow Fani’s lead and embrace the delicate drape and subtle transparency of silk chiffon!

Its lightweight and sheer nature possesses an inherent sensuality that sets it apart, exuding an irresistible combination of allure

and effortless grace!

Its flowing nature allows for cascading layers, creating dreamy silhouettes that seem to dance with every movement - perfect for your flowing, gilded minidresses or romantic gown!

The fabric`s ability to effortlessly transform from elegant to playful ensures its continued presence on the runways, in fashion-forward wardrobes and definitely our hearts!

Fabric details: Silk Chiffon

Click by Yiorgos Kordakis

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For those seeking an extra dose of whimsy this season, we`re thrilled to inform you that foulards are stealing the spotlight -once again - inviting boundless creativity for maximalists, minimalists and every style enthusiast in between!

Elevate your fashion game by adorning a foulard as a necktie, a beach cover-up, a headscarf, or even wear it alone as a

stylish top!

The possibilities are endless, just pick your favorite and you’ll find there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate a

foulard into your year-round wardrobe!

We invite you to explore this season’s beautiful array of foulards - monochromatic, graphic, bold in color or toned down – we have it all!

Fabric details: Foulard 100% Silk

Limited items available - so hurry up and order yours!

Foulards and scarves available in a variety of prints, dimensions and qualities.

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