Συλλογή Άνοιξη-Καλοκαίρι 2023
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With brocades you can create unique pieces showcasing character and a jaw-dropping sense of style and at Tsantilis Fabrics, we always make sure to source the most extraordinary color combinations and patterns!

From voluminous brocade dresses and maxi-coats to empowering female pantsuits or brocade tops, contact our team and we will guide you to the perfect design for you!

Fabric Details: Cotton - Acetate - Polyester Brocade

Brocade fabrics available in a variety of styles and colors

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You may have always been told to avoid clashing prints but, as street-style fashion has proven time and time again, experimenting with vibrant, contrasting patterns can sometimes add a much-needed edge to your outfit!

Here’s an inspirational fashion moodboard for you, but keep in mind, there are rules to executing such a bold sartorial move the right way!

Top Fabric: 100% Silk - Crepe de Chine
Middle Fabric: Wool - Polyester Jacquard
Bottom Fabric: Wool - Silk Jacquard

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Parisian chic at its best!
It’s no secret that the eternal allure of Chanel type fabrics lasts forever, regardless of age, occasion or season!

Get inspired by Fani and match them with wool skirt or trousers and you’ll create super elegant and feminine ensembles that you can wear every day, unpretentiously, with such ease and confidence!

Browse through our wool and Chanel type fabric collection to find the right one for you and design your own jackets, two-pieces, garçonne coatdresses or little bell-shaped skirts!

Jackets’ Fabric: Chanel Type Fabric
Pants’ Fabric: 100% Wool
Outfit Fani Tsantili Designs

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Now this is what we call a bold, unparalleled print!

This tribal pattern is a real eye-catcher and will transform your ensembles in the most fascinating way!

When it comes to vibrant, one-of-a-kind patterns, leave it to Tsantilis Fabrics to guide you to your next stunning wardrobe piece!!

Get in touch with our team to place your orders and add this real gem to your collection!

Fabric details: Cotton - Polyester

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When seeking out the season’s hottest trends, street style is always a great source for your sartorial inspiration!
And right now, anything leather-like will definitely get the street style seal of approval!

Whether its skirts, biker jackets, wide-leg trousers or two-piece suits, leather can serve up some empowering, effortlessly cool yet ultra-feminine vibes!

Plus, it can be casual, dressy or office attire, depending on how you choose to style and accessorize!

Fabric details: Leatherettes

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Oh how we love bold shapes and geometric patterns all coming together!

Brilliantly vibrant optical illusions and hypnotic recurring prints take center stage and brighten up all of our lives, injecting our wardrobes with that instant wow factor we’ve been looking for!

Be bold, surprise everyone and instead of going for the obvious choices opt for stylish, empowering and versatile ensembles that will definitely make you stand out!

Fabric Details: 100% Silk

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The monochromatic look, when well-executed, can be flawless and super elegant, jumping to the top of our wish lists this season!

If you`re looking to switch it up from traditional neutrals, blacks or browns this season, steer clear of your overworn darker outfits—and instead, swap in total white-on-white pieces to your monochromatic look for an added dose of eye-catching cool!

From well-tailored suiting to chic outerwear, a head-to-toe monochrome ensemble looks chic no matter the locale or temperature!

Fabric Details: 100% Wool – Jersey
Available in a variety of colors
Outfit Fani Tsantili Designs

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When it comes to the perfect capsule winter wardrobe, we’ve got your fabric combinations all sorted out!

Texture, color, pattern all are all key components that when matched effortlessly, can bring to life super-cool daily uniform looks and statement pieces!

And this right here is our go-to combo for this season! Be fearless and confident in your choice of fabrics and the way they are mixed!

Lower Fabric: Printed Zakar Fabric - Cotton & Polyester
Middle Fabric: Leatherette
Top Fabrics: Chanel Type Fabrics - 95% Wool & 5%Polyamide
All fabrics available in a variety of colors or prints

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