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Looking for that one gorgeous, show-stopping piece that will captivate everyone around you and make you feel as fabulous as you’ll look?

Contrary to common perception, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be a dress!

Think outside the box and follow Fani’s suggestion of a dazzling soie sauvage ultra-feminine two-piece!

PS. No sartorial choice spreads holiday cheer quite like red – however there are so many interesting colors to choose from!

Fabric details: Soie Sauvage - 100% Silk - Available in a variety of colors

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Sparkle up the festive season, pick your sequins and come up with unconventional ways and whimsical interpretations to create your design!

Whether you're headed to a fancy gathering or a midnight dance party, the holidays are the perfect time to try out your favorite sparkling fabric!

Browse through our selection of sequins and bring on the glitz and steal the show during any special occasion!

Fabric details:
Top: 100% Wool with Embroidered Bordure
Middle & Bottom: Polyester with Embroidered Sequins

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These showstopping silks have stolen our hearts, giving us all sorts of ideas on how to include them into our winter outfits in the most interesting way!

For instance, as a long-sleeved bow top tucked into a pair of high-waist trousers, a midi dress paired with knee-high boots or a foulard wrapped around your neck to jazz up your outings!

Be fearless and confident in your choice of prints and the way they are mixed!

Browse through our newest collection of patterned silks and bring some new imagery into your wardrobes!

Fabric details: 100% Silk

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With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start looking for that extra dose of festive cheer that will set you apart during the holidays!

As the invitations to Christmas soirées will soon start to roll in, get inspired by Fani’s latest design and decide on metallics for your jaw-dropping outfits this season!

Sparkling, elegant and festive – you are bound to have all eyes on you!

Fabric details: 50% Viscose & 50% Lurex

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Tsantilis Fabrics has your winter outfits all sorted out!

Step 1: Design a great wool & cashmere coat - a winter wardrobe’s most treasured item that will see you through many seasons to come!

Step 2: For the inner layers, opt for high-quality pieces that are both elegant and warm – such as Chanel-type fabrics in the form of two pieces, jackets or bell-shaped miniskirts!

Step 3: To top it all off, pair your ensembles with silks either as a long-sleeved shirt or in the form of accessories!

Left Fabric: Chanel Type Fabric
Middle Plain-Colored Fabrics: Wool & Cashmere Coats - Available in a variety of colors and qualities
Top Right Printed Fabric: 100% Silk

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While flowers are synonymous with spring, we do believe in embracing winter florals and reinventing their place in our F/W wardrobes!

Blossoms are the perfect way to keep our ensembles bright and cheerful, so opt for fabrics with large bouquets or dainty flowers and counterbalance them with winter pieces or accessories, like pairing them with knee-high boots, cashmere berets and faux furs.

No matter what occasion you’re preparing for this winter, there’s a floral suited for you!

Fabric details: Jacquard - 100% Cotton

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Paisley Pops Up Again!
After all, there is no better match than pairing the allure of a 100% silk fabric with the intricate pattern of paisley to instantly elevate your look and ensure you’re a sartorial success - all polished and glamorous!

So jump in and punctuate your seasonal wardrobe!

Here’s a little pro tip for all fashionistas out there: embrace the trend and take it to excess; print on print, head to toe, if you dare!

Fabric details: 100% Silk
Available in a variety of color combinations

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Are you looking for that one piece that will turn all heads and make you the talk of the party? Your search can end here because we’ve found the perfect piece for you!

How we love the pairing of noir and navy, especially when it comes in brocade - this unique new arrival is perfect choice for those who dare!

Ideal for evening outings, dinner parties or weddings, this alluring combination will up your luxe factor in an instant!

Bold, elegant and luxurious, this is a statement-making piece that will add the wow factor you are looking for in your soirées!

Fabric details: Silk & Polyester

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We’ve been longing for Fall just to explore our new collection of Chanel-type fabrics – our devotion to tweed is undeniable!

No other piece in your wardrobe will be as timeless as the one you choose to design with this fabric, which is why investing in Chanel type fabrics is always a great idea!!

No matter your style, its enduring blueprint has the unique ability to be eternally reinvented again and again!

Fabric details: Chanel type fabrics

#tsantilisfabrics #fabricshop #textileshop #fashiontextiles

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